robert pickett robert pickett  All music and lyrics copyright Robert Pickett 2011
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Artist: Robert Pickett Title: Trust Genre: Religious / Folk Timeless truths learned through personal experience that remind of the greater treasures in life. Thanks to Matt, Ian, Yvonne & DL.
Price: £10 Format: CD Delivery: 3 days
Artist: Robert Pickett Title: Storm Clouds Genre: Religious / Folk Songs based on Biblical stories and encounters with Jesus that still inspire today. Thanks to Craig & Gordon for their huge effort in producing this. 
Price: £10 Format: CD Delivery: 3 days
Artist: Robert Pickett Title: Flip Flops Genre: Religious / Folk Songs that recount a very precious time spent working at an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. The joy and love shared will always be treasured. 
Price: £5 Format: CD Delivery: out of stock
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